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strikes they are refusing to hear as well. >> a lot of concerns up here. back to you. >>> adam housley please i am getting ap bulletin here that gray smoke is seen rising from japan stricken fujiskema reactor. is adam around? meantime dr. seigel aside from radiation poisoning it's pretty exotic you have more mundane problems there. >> in terms of the radiation you have chemicals that could cause different cancers. >> i am here you have a tsunami alert? what's going on? >> across the radio came we had a couple shakes earlier. came across the radio there is a tsunami alert in the northern part to where we are. they were behind me in the live report. we are driving out right now. we will be fine because we have a van pointed in the right direction with the driver already sitting inside. you don't have a problem what you see people grabbing their stuff. go, go. we have about 14 minutes, 15 minutes depending on the location. but you can see people workers gathering their stuff and they came across the radio then the loud speaker i spoke of earlier. >> you said two meters, 6 feet that's pret
to the second hour of monster quake and the killer wave it spawns. we begin with adam housley live in northern japan with the latest. tell us some of the activities if you would in terms of recovery and getting on with life that you have seen. >> we are here along the coast in northeastern japan. the cleanup has began. believe it or not the big difference is as we walk into that area the fish market area the difference is they had a tsunami warning speaker. the speaker got out in time. they had 14 minutes until it hit in the northern part of the country. the land is flat here you can get hills 40-50 pete in elevation in a matter of 1 kilometer. cleanup begins here but there is rationing across the country. 4 hour blackouts including tokyo to try to get power to northern jap japan. with the problems they are having they are 20 percent below what they would have available on the country side. at night they are very cold. there are people with no power no gas no ability to stay warm with that type of technology. over the last figure after you hear a shake you hear something like this. i recorded
. >> greta: what you probably don't know, we'll find out from adam housley shortly he has just been moved because of some element of alarm. i don't know if adam thinks that is more prudent or he was told to be evacuated. the fact that he was moved, and the fact they've had this new explosion and we see -- we are not getting anything that is particularly satisfying in terms we are going in the right direction. it seems a more dangerous direction rather than a safer direction. >> shepard: some of the problems with adam's location have to do with logistics. you have to have helpers, [ inaudible ] you have to have transportation you have enough to have fuel enough water, food. adam and his crew moving south. when we finish tonight [ inaudible ] we are going to load up a crew and take our satellite dish and our food and provisions and try to get up there to cover the story from that direction. the truth is you have to be able to survive on your own. the people in the north are very much in need many if we can take enough provisions for everyone there, we come we feel like the best we can do is
on the u.s. military response. first, up the coast line here to adam housley streaming live from a town about 70 miles north and east of our location here in tokyo. adam, the japanese government is apparently asking for help with its nuclear plant problems. >> that's right, shepard. here in nakamonato the fukushima plant, the first couple days we were here the japanese insistent they had this under control. as the situation has gradually gotten worse they have asked for help from the u.s. as well as the iaea. both said they were on board to help. in fact, we spoke with a scientist yesterday who has been here and actually speaking when the earthquake actually hit and been in touch with the japanese along with several of his colleagues to help them out or offer suggestions to get them help with the situation. basically to bounce ideas off of them of how to deal with the situation. the u.s. says they are getting more hands on now, shepard, than they have more as will the iaea after being asked by the japanese. saying listen this situation is getting out of our hands. we need all the help w
, appreciate it. we we come back adam housley is in -- when we come back adam house on the ground in japan. thousands dead, thousands still missing. devastation without food, water or heat. we'll have the latest on the continuing rescue and recovery efforts in japan. that and more as hannity continues. all the new tech products you need. and they're all looking for the same thing. ♪ the one place that makes technology easy. staples. with highly-trained tech experts and expanded tech centers, staples makes finding the rig technology just the way you want it. easy easy to buy. easy to fix. easy to save. staples. that was easy. her morng begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon to begins with more pain and more pills. thevening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. and fewer pi
enough ice or provide required refridge for thousands of dead bodies. adam housley joins us live. adam where are you and what is the latest? >> reporter: we are in tokyo. the makeshift morgue the same situation they had in thailand in that horrible tsunami they ran out of power there as well. here we are told five million homes the latest number this morning, five million homes are still without power. when we were driving to the edge of the disaster zone one town called mito a city of a couple hunt thousand most of the lights were on. as you got to the edge of the town it was like you were driving into a tunnel it went from light to complete darkness. as you keep driving through some of these towns which didn't have a lot of damage they appear empty it is dark. no streetlights no lights of any kind in that area. what that does it affects the general population that means no grocery stores are open to keep anything cold. nothing perishable like milk or ice. you don't get that kind of supply anywhere around there. difficult for restaurants to open up. any kind of businesses to open up b
with nowhere to go and nowhere to high. adam housley streaming live from japan. adam? >> reporter: halfway between tokyo and sendai. those reactors are right near sendai. first explosion took place yesterday. we have video of the damage in the area to one of those reactors. that has caused significant concern. in fact 30 kilometer radius has been cleared and declared off-limits. we know they are stopping cars off kilometers in precaution. that is the main roadway from tokyo to sendai right along the roadway is where one of the reactors is. second problem is there, as well. we don't have a lot of details but the first one was bad enough to the point they put it a 6 on a scale of one to 7 and that is pretty significant. given it the night and information very fluid when you talking about the reactor situation. we have knew video from sendai. that is the city about one million people. basically been cut off from the ground due to the fact that those reactors are having those issues right along the main roadway that goes into the city. the video is just unbelievably dramatic. it shows you what
tonight without electricity or drinking water. our adam housley is streaming live outside the fish market in the city there. adam, what can you tell us about the nuclear concerns there? >> reporter: yeah, here is at the fish market, the japanese coast, 70 miles away from the first reactor you're talking about, the one that caused the problem the last couple of days before the new reactor up the close from there caused problems and people were talking about the threat at that does exist around this entire region because the fact you have three separate reactors that people are extremely worried about. that evaluation area we're told is about 15 miles in circumference. and up to 200,000 people for sure have already been evacuated and the government says maybe as many as 300,000 will be evacuated and we do know that there are at least 19 scientists on at least one site where they're going through and checking each person being brought out to see what kind of radiation con tamation they've been exposed to. >> yeah, adam, we've been seeing video of some of that radiation testing going on. wher
is in japan for the big picture there and adam housley also. almost impossible for -- to bring anything to the viewer that they don't already know. >> well, no. you can do one thing. if you are in a particular village, just cover that village. it's unfair when an anchor in new york says to somebody standing out in the middle of what used to be a town in japan and says well, tell me about what's going on. do they feel this in tokyo? what about that nuclear reactor? that person doesn't know all of these things. you could only report on the place that you are in. >> bill: yeah. what you see. >> you could tell a story there it is very hard. you can't gather information about the whole story when you are out in the field. >> bill: right. we don't even know after four days what this nuclear thing is going to amount to. nobody can possibly put it into any perspective because it keeps changing. >> the story is still happening. >> bill: right. >> the story is still happening and you have to be very careful as brit hume said not to go beyond what you know, especially about something as frightenin
with shepard smith and adam housley. that report up next. homeowners -- rates have been going up, but you can still refinance to a fixed rate as low as 4.75% at plus, get the best deal or we'll pay you $1,000. call lending tree at... today. >> bill: back of the book segment tonight, let's go back to japan where fox news anchor shepard smith and correspondent adam housley are standing by. shep is in tokyo adam is in that can a -- shepard, you just had a mask on. hold it up. why are you wearing that mask? >> right. well, we just got off the phone with a nuclear specialist who has been talking about the situation about 75 miles to our north where the reactors are, bill. they told us that the wind will eventually shift down here and better to be safe than sorry. you wear that over your face it helps keep any particles from getting into your nose and mouth and body. the good news that he would hearing, unfortunately for the people that live right around those reactors, bill, is that rain is coming this afternoon and evening basically throughout -- into tomorrow, what this will do
that is taking place now. >> greta: adam, thank you. adam housley in japan. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow, keep it here on fox news channel for the latest news on the crisis in japan. o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington, d.c.. go to and talk about japan. it's already on the topic. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> bill: the death toll in japan now expected to reach more than 10,000 and it could get far worse if the nuclear power plants melt down. we'll have the very latest from the earthquake scene and report extensively on the nuclear issue. >> we are dealing with a culture that is in its mid evil era. which t. comes from a hate-filled holy book, the core core -- koran. >> left wing bob mar -- maher attacks the koran and the left wing media says nothing. >> the naacp failing a test and didn't have an opportunity to be gainfully employed. >> the naacp criticizing attorney general eric holder for allow ago dumbed down test for cops. megyn kelly has been investigating the shocking story. >> caution, you are about
on a media tirade blasting his studio bosses. adam housley take a look at what is next for the former star of two and a half men. >> reporter: chrly sheen no longer works for warner brothers television and will no longer appear on the hit cbs show two and a half men. but as you can imagine, charlie isn't taking it lying down. he text messaged the f word and, quote, they lose followed by the word trolls. he tells tmz, quote, this is very good news. >> warner brothers has sent this letter and it is basically outlining all of the issues charlie sheen has had including the rants he has gone on with the media saying it look bad on the show and they have the right to fire him and that is when they d. >> reporter: no decision has been made on the future of the show. >> shorly sheep has fired off a letter to them saying you owe mean over $16 million for the last eight episodes that they canceled on him and his attorney, marty singer, is saying they better pay up or else. >> reporter: the actor also faces a restraining order obtained by his estranged wife brook mueller. many wonder if sheep is havi
the capital of tokyo and 40 miles from the earthquake's epicenter. adam housley is streaming live now from miko, japan with more details about what's happening with this nuclear power plant. he's about 85 miles north of tokyo. >> reporter: yeah, kelly, we first heard about the possibility of another react erving an issue a couple of hours ago, a couple hours ago japanese media started talking about that possibility. an area of course, heavily damaged with the tsunami and earthquake and the first video from sendai right where near the power plants and reactors are located. take a look at the video and pictures coming in. absolute destruction in some places. you're seeing cars tossed around like toys and trash in every possible way, not only from the water, but also from the earthquake. and the problem really exists, because where sendai is located and tokoyo is located, in between is one major roadway. along that roadway is where the nuclear reactors are located, closer to sendai. where we're located is outside the realm of worry, they call it here, but more specifically outside that reall
japan had been dealing with powerful aftershocks three days of the massive quake and tsunami. as adam housley shows us, there are new fears of more problems at the nuclear plant. >> reporter: a potential nuclear disaster now threatening japan. officials say one reactor at a plant has partially melted. authorities here in japan have been using seawater to cool down two reactors at the facility after friday's earthquake and tsunami damaged the cooling system. the government has evacuated about # hundred thousand people in -- about 200,000 people in the area. >> it appears the gauge is not showing that the water level is rising. >> reporter: this as another nuclear facility reports problems. an emergency was declared at a power planted. officials are now investigating the source of the radioactivity. one of two pumps in the cooling system malfunctioned but authorities say the reactor is still operating normally with one pump. the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says radiation from japan is unlikely to reach the u.s. in harmful amounts. we keep getting dramatic pictures. this video sho
, and here. let's begin with adam housley who is streaming live in tokyo. adam, you are monitoring more of this situation at this nuclear plant. that reactor number four is one of the ones of greatest concern. >> absolutely, shepard. in fact, the japanese government has just come out with an alert in the last five minutes saying that explosion fire in the fourth reactor today was caused because the fire that was burning yesterday was not extinguished. they also said earlier today that some more cracks have been found in some of the rack tores all at the fukushima plant. this is one of the english language newspapers here in japan. it has them all lined up. reactor one, reactor two, reactor three, reactor four. all four of them continue to suffer problems. shepard? >> shepard: do we know where we go from here? you know, the japanese government has instituted this no-fly zone around the plant, adam. i understand the basics of it. is it just too dangerous for the helicopters to get up there to try to put this fire out? particularly if the helicopters can't go up there to drop the water, ho
here they are also moving some of their ships away from the island. in tokyo, adam housley, fox news. >> they say there is no concern that radiation from japan will drift into the u.s. but that has not stopped people from trying to stock up on potassium iodide. children are most at risk. it does not protect other organs. pharmacies and other suppliers say they are sold out. in just a few minutes we will have a complete report including an agency in the bay area. jana katsuyama is in tokyo right now. she was talking to her newsroom earlier when a 6.1 earthquake rocks japan. >> the computer started swaying back and forth. the whole room was moving could we have an aftershock which really felt big. it is difficult to relax because you never know when another will be coming. >> you can read jana's blog on our website at >>> each day we see more stunning images. a photographer took this picture of a house floating several miles two days after the earthquake and tsunami struck. this was taken from a navy helicopter searching for survivors. >> the defense department released this
fudge sa fud . let's go straight to northeastern japan where adam housley can bring us up to speed on what's going on. let me ask you compared to yesterday is the mood better or worse? often when it br becomes appare people get more depressed. how has that been tracking in the days you have been there? >> it's pretty good in the sense that japanese people are resilient. they have to over come so much especially when it comes to earthquakes. nerves are a little bit frayed. the aftershock shook us pretty good. we are doing the cleanup process literally run in all directions. a few minutes later they came up on the loud speaker and told everyone it will be okay. it gives you an idea of the aftershocks. there have been more than 200 since the quake. we talk to do 100 experts not only american but we read about a couple experts in australia and new zee lapped. everyone says to the same conclusion that is business between a 70 and 80-85 percent chance of another significant quake somewhere in the 7 scale about a point less than the initial quake which would be in the high 7's. although o
. >> sean: thanks for being with us, appreciate it. we we come back adam housley is in -- when we come back adam house on the ground in japan. thousands dead, thousands still missing. devastation without food, water or heat. we'll have the latest on the continuing rescue and recovery efforts in japan. ♪ [ male announcer ] here they come. all the new tech products you need. and they're all looking for the same thing. ♪ the one place that makes technology easy. staples. with highly-trained tech experts and expanded tech centers, staples makes finding the rig technology just the way you want it. easy easy to buy. easy to fix. easy to save. staples. that was easy. easy to buy. easy to fix. easy to save. the markets never stop moving. of course, neither do i. solution: td ameritrade mobile. i can enter trades. on the run. even futures and forex. complex options? done. the market shifts... i get an alert. thank you. live streaming audio. advanced charts. look at that. all right here. wherever "here" happens to be. mobile trading from td ameritrade. number one in online equity trades. announce
and story lines are often a mystery to even the cast members. fox's adam housley tried to get the scoop on the latest rumors floating around hollywood. >> reporter: it seems everyone in hollywood wants a piece of glee these days and with an endless world of possibilities the show's guest stars and music themes can be a bit of a mystery. even the cast sometimes hears the news after it hits the chatrooms. >> i don't know about this at all. neither does my publicist. what was funny is i find out about things on glee when i do these press things. >> this is the button. >> no no! >> reporter: now that the show is a huge hit for fox the rumor millworks overtime and what we do know is an entire episode will be devoted to fleetwood mac's rumors album and? >> gwyneth comes back. oh, yeah, here's the previous. she comes back. she gets to do one of my favorite songs or one of my favorite albums of this year. i won't say anything else. >> the only scoop i know is i hear anne hathaway is coming on, but i don't know. i think christian chen with is going to come back -- chenowith is going to come back
, there are now millions without electricity or drinking water and our adam housley is streaming live, about 80 miles from the pictures that we distributed, the epicenter and what's the late he is on the nuclear situation there? >> reporter: well, harris, for our viewers at home, there are two names to know. fukushima is the first area of reactors where the first-- two reactors and the first nuclear issue became a problem and whether we're told 200 people that received some sort of nuclear contamination and the other city is a hundred kilometers to the north and we're seeing rescue helicopters flying over and can't get them with the camera location and we're starting to see aerial support the first time since the earthquake and as you hear the helicopter fly over, the second location, near sendai, i should say, and that's more to the east of the city. so, your he' talking about two locations, three different reactors, and 120 kilometers apart and talking a very significant area that's already been destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami that's now dealing with the nuclear issues. >> harris: wel
. >> sean: very sad, thank you both. coming up we head back to japan. adam housley will give us a live report. >> this disaster in japan stokes fears in the united states about earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear power. how legitimate are those worries? we'll get into that, next. steering wheel is great. but only if the dash it's attached to is equally beautiful. so we made sure it was. but what's the point of a beautiful dash if the seats aren't beautiful, too? so we made sure they were. but we couldn't stop there, so weept going and going. and before we knew it, we had a 2011 jeep grand cherokee. today, investors want retirement planning on their terms. i want to work with people who are objective. how about a plan with my name on it... not someone else's. can we start with realistic goals please? and research that's strictly third party. show me how to keep more retirement money in my pocket. now, and down the road. those are my terms. those are my terms. those are my terms. then this is your place. td ameritrade. where millions of investors plan for retirement on their terms. it's pe
facilities heightened fear of full-scale meltdown. correspondent adam housley is in japan tonight. >> fears of a worst case scenario grip a nation that's shaken and battered from friday's 9.0 earthquake, subsequent tsunami and continual aftershocks. now the threat of a full blown nuclear meltdown. >> the device to cool the fuel rod has been dysfunction and at one point in time, the water level started to fall and fuel line exposed above the water. >> they are coming to the correct conclusions but it's doubtful whether they're correctly reporting the conclusions or finding them too difficult to admit to. >> japan asked the nuclear leg latory agency for help -- regulatory agencies for helm. on monday, another hydrogen explosion at one plant sent gray cloud in the sky and exposed rule rods at others forced hundreds to free the zone. >> i was told the plant was 100% safe from big tsunamis and typhoons. >> reporter: but those assurances washed away by friday's historic double disaster. four days later, new home video shows a massive wall of water devouring everything in its path. >> i saw the wa
. correspondent adam housley has the latest. >> they is survived the fifth largest earthquake in history and tsunami that devoured everything in its path. now hundreds of thousands of survivors face nuclear exposure and health dangers that may not show for years. >> 11,000 micro-sievert is equivalent of the exposure you get a year if you live a normal life. if you stay in the place for one hour you may be exposed to 11,000. we have to watch this. >> radiation is leaking from two nuclear reactors along the pacific coast heavily damaged by the earthquake. on tuesday, another explosion shook the region, damaging a containment pool and exposing part or all of the nuclear fuel rods inside. >> we urge people in 20, 30-kilometer range to stay indoors such as houses or offices considering what could happen to the reactor now. >> prior to the warning from prime minister naoto kan several thousand people evacuated the area. >> we hope we can go back to the house as soon as possible and lead an ordinary life. >> the more than 140,000 residents who stayed behind are a population now effectively trap
blast in unit 1. adam housley joining us now a lot going on. first of all did you feel that blast? >> well, we felt the ground shake. we are not sure if it was an aftershock or explosion. we had a number of shakes one this morning that woke us up. there was a 6.2 and something lighter. we don't know because we were down here in an area that had been leveled about 6 feet high when the first initial tsunami came through here. i will recap the last 30 minutes as we were getting out of the area the loud speakers sirens came off. over the loud speaker a voice came on saying there was a tsunami eminent it was coming our way it was 3 meters. everybody was on bikes on foot running, driving, high tailing it out of the area as quickly as they could. behind me about 30 boats and ships went out into the ocean. they are now coming back. thankfully the tsunami watch has been canceled. they have had three different retack tors having problems with the fukoshema location having major issues there's also up the coast another 120 kilometers away another reactor having issues in the last couple days
, as you well know. >> sean: very sad, thank you both. coming up we head back to japan. adam housley will give us a live report. >> this disaster in japan stokes fears in the united states about earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear power. how legitimate are those worries? worries? we'll get into that, next. a beautiful steering wheel is great. but only if the dash it's attached to is equally beautiful. so we made sure it was. but what's the point of a beautiful dash if the seats aren't beautiful, too? so we made sure they were. but we couldn't stop there, so weept going and going. and before we knew it, we had a 2011 jeep grand cherokee. [ male announcer ] thanks to the orbitz matrix display, you can make more knowledgeable decisions en booking vacation packages. ♪ see all your hotel and flight options and savings for the ideal vacation. perfect. [ male announcer ] when you orbitz, you know. perfect. ♪ fare thee well ♪ farewell ♪ mr. gloom be on your way ♪ ♪ though you haven't any money you can still be bright and sunny ♪ >> sean: we continue to follow the latest out ofia
appears to be on a downward spiral. adam housley with the news live in los angeles. what else has sheen been up to since he got fired? >> well, we're going to show you what happened right after he got fired about 24 hours ago. he kind of went quiet for a few hours, believe it or not, especially after what we have seen the last two weeks or so. and then not too long ago, shepard, he started taking aim the other people besides his bosses at warner brothers. going after actor cryer. blasting him for not keeping in touch. cryer says he did he said to enews is he a turn coat, a traitor, a troll. is it going to take me calling him a traitor, juvenile scared of him to get it. yesterday, this comes after yesterday where right after he found out he had been fired, he went up to the roof of a building here in los angeles where he was having a meeting about possibly doing a road show. he wielded a machete and, of course, the famous tiger blood drink he has now been promoting and yelled a few things off the top. as you mentioned last night he looked very pale as you geaf that broadcast over the int
spend three years in prison. fox's adam housley has the latest from l.a. >> reporter: lindsay lohan charged with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace. the superior court judge set a preliminary hearing date for april for the grand theft charge and possible probation violation from a 2007 drunk driving conviction. >> do you give up your rights under what's called a 60 day rule and get this from an actual preliminary haring? >> yes your honor. >> reporter: if no plea agreement is reached, the case will be transferred to judge stephanie soddner who is regarded as tough as nails. if lohan is to stand trial, she will likely be remanded into custody immediately. in april's preliminary hearing prosecutors will present evidence they have against lohan. today the judge giving lindsay lohan and her lawyer until march 25th to decide who to plead, if anything. >> the only reason, ms. lohan, you will appear in front of me again, you'll ever see me again is on that date and the only reason you will be here is to plead guilty or no contest
much. we will be coming back to you. but right now, we want to go to fox news correspondent adam housley who covered the southeast asian tsunami ne2004 and is familiar with these warnings in the west coast of the united states. adam, thanks for joining us. when you look at pictures, what immediately comes to mind? >> reporter: first thing that caught my mind, we were here in los angeles, you know, because we are along the coast and they have had these events on the pacific coast, people automatically hold their breath. also in hawaii. even the guys at the restaurant, we were leaving and everyone was crammed around the tv when the first pictures popped up, several of the guys were from the philippines and they got on the phone and called their families. something that obviously affects people. the second thing that really captured my eye was, in the southeast asian tsunami, most of the video was from the ground or from the hotel fourth or fifth floor. because japan is so advanced, they got the helicopters right away, knowing they would be able to see fires and see destruction and
doing tunes. >> reporter: -- another typical night after idol, adam housley, fox news. >>> the news keeps coming, brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. >>> starting the new edge off tonight in d.c., an employee investigating alleged grade fixing and missing grant money at mckinley tech high school has been fired by d.c. public schools. fox 5's roz plater following this incident down in the newsroom. >> the man they fired is said to have been a veteran police investigator. the school system said he lied but claimed he was using a roos to get information from witnesses. -- a ruse to get information from witnesses. this is the same man whistleblowers describe as a straight shooter. in the midst of two ongoing investigations at mckinley high school winston stewart was fired. a statement saying mr. stewart made knowingly false statements during an investigation that an alleged dcps official attempted to cover up an ongoing investigation of several issues at mckinley senior high school. no one answered the door at stewart's home. we wanted to hear his side of the story. the statement
it was like this is what we have to do an it's toughh" in pollywood, adam housley, fox you can atch american idol tomoorow night and thursday a clear start to the day.. but heavy rains will move in. steve tells us when.. in the 7-day forecast.. after the're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. [ male announcer ] you are you. you are also your social security number, your credit card numbers, the email in your inbox, you're even the equity in your home. to a criminal, getting his hands on just one tiny piece of you, even just your name, can be enough to steal your credit, your money and your good name. that's why you need lifelock to help protect you. lifelock is the leader in proactive identity protection. we aggressively patrol your identity every second of every day by actively monitoring your personal information to help protect you from identity theft before it happens. credit monitoring alone is not enough to protect your identity. and only tells you after the fact, sometimes as much as 60 days later, that your identity has been stolen. by then, the damage to your cred
with damage estimated at $175 billion, and climbing. adam housley is in japan. hello, adam. >>reporter: this is a search-and-rescue mission with a significant aid. the temperatures have plummeted and it drops to 26 degrees at night and hundreds of thousands are dealing with no power, low food, and other issues. as the search-and-rescue mission continues they are recovering damages, sometimes by the thousands. official number here is around 10,000 according to the japanese agencies but it is expected to climb significantly as they start to get into the areas but everything is hampered, 75 miles north of where we are, by the nuclear issue. there are two separate reactor locations now with a 30 mile radius being evacuated and hundreds of thousands are told to leave but a ton of people are staying, getting to them, trying to get supplies becoming extremely difficult for the japanese. and the u.s. has not flown for the areas we are told because of the nuclear threat so they are on the outlying area where there are hundreds of thousands more in need. further to the south we are on the edge o
housley is live in l.a. on this. adam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bill. people on the verge of losing their homes, this may found too good to be true. we have a number of the top five foreclosure capitals, the stockton and modesto areas. the state aims to hand out this money, to one hundred thousand homeowners statewide facing foreclosure. it's a notion who brings a sigh of relief who went to a workshop where banks and community leaders worked with people to save their homes. these are left over tarp funds. they would be required to give it back to the federal government if they don't use it. the state faces a $26.6 billion deficit. >> we have a high duration of unemployment. putting $2 billion into the hands of homeowners isn't necessarily the best thing for our overall economy. >> reporter: a person who is unemployed it takes about eight months to find a new job. six months of assistance would likely tphaul a bit short of what most people need to save their homes in california. state officials say they have to try to help as many people as they can. >> we do think the prob
not yet known, but what is known is that it is indeed massive. adam housley has been making his way from tokyo to the hardest hit area and joining us from the city just north of toek. adam. >> reporter: yeah, uma, we're on the edge of the destruction. when you pass through the city anything to the north of here is flat in every direction. we 25 miles further north before we came back to this location to find power. and even small cities not affected by the earthquake and tsunami, there's no one there. no lights, power, no gas service and further north debris awes get closer and seeing dirt in the roadways and eventually you'll find larger, even can stars and big massive semis that are literally up in some driveway and eventually get to an air cars on top of each other and stuck into fences and seems to be where the water was only about four or five feet deep. so at some point, 20, 25, 30 feet deep and haven't gotten to those areas, closer to where the nuclear reactors are and that area is off limits as you might imagine and people are still well away from there and the military won't le
out for the unveiling of the next big thing. he's getting a standing ovation. adam housley is there and will join us live shortly with a report. new developments in the struggles of charlie sheen. charlie claims that he is getting a new high from the intense media attention. should he be? ... - because it's completely invisible. - because it's designed to help me hear better. male announcer: introducing amp, a new kind of hearing aid, so tiny, it's invisible. female announcer: amp is comfortable to wear and easily removable. amp, the hearing aid for people who aren't ready for a hearing aid. male announcer: call: to find an amp hearing professional near you. only $750 each. megyn: a fox weather alert on a new storm in the forecast for rain-soaked residents in the midwest. melting snow mixing with all the rain to push rivers past their banks. at least one county in indiana asking the federal government now for an emergency declaration to deal with the flooded roads, bridges, homes and businesses. floodwaters in ohio are receding for now. several hundred homes across the stat
boulevard. adam housley is live for us with more in los angeles. >> reporter: she was a tabloid and tap rat zi tape h paparazzi. at one point she was con dimmed by the pope, condemned on the house of representatives on the floor. at the same time she was beloved by america for her marriage to richard burton. that is probably the man that is most recognizable when you talk about her leading men, everybody from mickey raopb knee and richard burton. three oscars she garnered, two of them for who is afraid of virginia wolf, one for butterfield 8. an hopb rareee oscar was the third. cleo path that was the most expensive movie made in all times. the recent situation she had been dealing with, she had been in the hospital nor six weeks and it was said she was going to recover from this and return home. that did not happen of course as she passed away this morning. one thing to keep in mind too is her films with richard burton at one pointy kwaeuted to half of hollywood's total box office take for the year. that just isn't seen any more in hollywood. they were really the brangelina couple before th
, dude? >> it's my life, what's not to love. winning! megyn: adam housley, live in our west coast newsroom. i don't even know what that was. >> reporter: you want to laugh, but you feel sorry for the guy in some cases. megyn: exactly. you start off laughing at it and you remember -- maybe we're pushing our own judgments on it, but it looks to me like a sick man who needs help. >> reporter: could be. the word of the day is winning, at least it has been around here. he's tattooed it now on his wrist. we all found out that he was fired after the suspension, which had been for a week and a half. he came down here to los angeles. so what do you do when you hear you are fired? you grab a machete and your tiger's blood and head to the roof. take a look. >> charlie, what are you going to do now that "two and a half men" is done? >> i ain't going to [beep] disneyland. i'll tell you that. that was charlie sheen on the roof. he apparently was there to discuss a live tour around the nation. a comedy-type setup. so he headed to the roof with the machete, tiger's blood and pulled another of his
faces. jenna: one to watch for sure. adam housley, thank you, from california. gregg: coming up, our must-see moment of the day. just who are these people casting the stphel and why are they targeting charlie sheen? and she's fed up with the daily hassle of her old hearing aid. so she got a lyric in her life and everything changed. which one? you'll never know because the lyric is in her ear. 100% invisible. you can't see it, and it's the only device that works round the clock with zero daily hassle. no batteries to change. no taking off and putting on everyday. in their report, a leading newspaper said "lyric appears to have overcome many of the problems associated with traditional hearing aids." sound good? call 1 800 499 3755 now for your risk free 30 day trial. this is the lyric. it's teeny, it's soft. lyric fits comfortably at the sweet spot right next to your ear drum, for truly natural sound quality. in fact, 95% of lyric users prefer lyric sound quality to their old hearing aid. it sounds like the hearing that i remember hearing when i was young. and finally i was able to get
, great love stories of all time in that story. adam housley is joining us live with more on the life of this extraordinary woman. >> reporter: that's right, martha. you mentioned that she's really a hollywood legend here, someone we watched for years. in fact she was in the tabloids before it became the thing to do in hollywood, in fact she was followed so closely some would say her private life sometimes overshadowed her public life and the public life could have been more respected, the fact that she was in 50 movies, three oscars, two of them for performanceness, one in btlefield eight, the other, who's afraid of virgin -- of virginia wolf, she played cleopatra, known for her beauty and her eight marriages. we have heard from her publicist, in part a quote from her son, michael wielding, he said my mother was an extraordinary woman who lived life to the fullest with great passion, humor and love. that coming from one of elizabeth taylor's four children. we'll have more on the incredible career throughout the day here in hollywood but big screen legend lost in hollywood. martha: sh
during last night's elimination show. fox's adam housley has more from what happened once the show was over. >> reporter: another thursday could only mean another shocker on idol as the judges decided to use their only save on casey abrams, a move that was a no brainer for judge jennifer lopez. >> it was pretty apparent. >> no. we can't let this happen. this is one of the best musicians we have ever seen. >> reporter: season three finalist and oscar winner jennifer hudson sang her new single where you at and received huge praise from randy and steven backstage. >> that's right. ladies and gentlemen, my favorite, one of my favorite american idols of all time, miss jennifer hudson. she is my wildcard that season. >> i saw her at the kennedy honors and she sang and i sat in the audience and i wept like a baby. she's so good. your voice is an angel. >> reporter: what seems like a post idol tradition rapid was once again setting up deals with -- randy was once again setting up deals with visiting guests. >> i would love that. thank you. >> i'm going to turn on my best face for this. liz
trying to find the many thousands missing from the quake and tsunami. adam housley is live. >> reporter: two things to understand, two plants with problems. that is a big, i can't under state. a huge development. fukushima area, where they have had problems in the last couple of the days, right in the middle of the worst hit areas. 120 kilometers to north, close to sendai, large city that suffered significant damage from the earthquake and tsunami this is where they are having the alert now. we have been told by japanese officials and news agencies are reporting there is a significant worry about the reactor there, same type worries they 4 over fukushima. we do know 200,000 people have been evacuated around the area of the first plant. fukushima location. now, they are taking about evacuating people from oginawa location. at least 200 people have been exposed to radiation of some sort and significant number of those 200,000 have been evacuated are now being checked by 19 nuclear doctors, doctors that can check for nuclear exposure. that is taking place literally as we speak. at location
this morning 6%. we get more from adam housley in japan. >> reporter: a potential nuclear disaster now threatening japan. officials say one reactor at a plant has partially melted. there is also warning of a possible second explosion at that same location. authorities here have been using sea water to cool down two reactors at the facility after friday's earthquake and tsunami damaged the cooling system. government has evacuated about 200,000 people in the area. >> it appears the gauge is not showing that the water level is rising despite the fact that they continue the seawater injection. >> reporter: this as another nuclear facility reports problems. an emergency was declared at another power plant. officials are investigating the source of the radioactivity. there is a report the cooling system at this third nuclear plant has partially failed. one of two pumps in the cooling system malfunctioned but authorities say the reactor is still operating normally with one pump. radiation from japan is unlikely to reach the u.s. in harmful amounts. days after the catastrophic event, we keep g
black and white right off the beginning when it starts shipping next week. adam housley with the news live in san francisco. what else is new, adam? >> well, shepard, they have this great cover for it, too. steve jobs said it's one thing they let go they didn't put a cover on it last time of any magnitude. it's magnetic so it pops right on and aligns itself. when it covers the screen it also puts the unit to sleep. for us that have the old version have no fear they also announced a bunch new upgrades to software. even if you don't have the money to fork out for the old one you can still upgrade. >> shepard: i don't think people were expecting to see steve jobs at all today. >> yeah it was interesting. a lot of people felt he would be here because he didn't show up for an event a month or so ago the one with news corps there was when whole rumor that he might show up. we saw his car outside, at least the car he usually comes. in there was some excitement that built. apple didn't waste any time the a all. he walked out at the beginning, he ran the whole show here. he was still strong se
the images. >> these are new images as crews are getting out to assess the damage. adam housley is on the ground in tokyo assessing what is going on. tokyo is the staging ground for rescue operations for the country? >> absolutely. and it is getting back to normal around tokyo with traffic on the roads, and gas stations are open. no gas lines. yesterday there were reports of gas loins. and tonight in tokyo, right now, everyone is focused on the search-and-rescue effort and the ramification of what could happen with the reactor. the global markets, that could be affected and more specifically you have the safety and security of people in the area and search-and-rescue people have to get in the area to the damage. that is the focus. it is 9:00 at night and in the overnight it is a situation where people will gather, search-and-rescue people will gather more and working on operations because it is pitch black. the infrastructure is affected to the point ... roadways are wiped out. and train tracks wiped out. >> we are seeing brand new video in fox news showing a landslide so search
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